7. Our recycling programme

> Optimum waste management

We entrust our waste management to specialised service providers. We sort all our waste (OIW, HIW, aerosols, WEEE, printing supplies, batteries, neon lights, etc.).

We recycle our used cardboard, packaging sleeves, iron, wood and paper. T2S gives local charities the plastic cores of parent reels and used writing instruments for recycling and recovery.

Our waste volumes are monitored. T2S staff is regularly made aware of the need to comply with the sorting instructions.

In 2016, despite our growth, we recorded a reduction of 17% in our HIW compared to 2015. This makes for less OIW in the HIW: our sorting is much more efficient.

A new coffee cup collection programme has been up and running in our premises since 2017.

> Recycling programme

Our raw materials

Following extensive research, there is indeed a method for recycling our retroreflective raw materials, however, only for volumes of more than 5 tons, per individual shipment. This solution is not feasible for T2S, to date.

Our high visibility PPE

Our high visibility PPE (new or used) can be recycled, provided the accessories (buttons, eyelets, fasteners, retroreflective strips, etc.) are removed These meticulous operations are too expensive and economically unthinkable.

In addition, the textile composition of PPE determines how it is recycled. Cotton is the most easily recyclable fibre meaning there are many solutions currently available for it. However, there is practically none in our ranges. As a specialist in high visibility, our products are mainly 100% polyester which is difficult to recycle except as a fuel for energy.