As a committed player and French manufacturer of solutions for safety and road marking, T2S takes action. Our objective is to reduce our carbon emissions over the next few years, on our own scale, while preserving our growth.

To do this, we have completed the DECARBONATION diagnostic process proposed by BPI France and ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency).
OID CONSULTANTS (Lyon) carried out a Scope 3 carbon assessment of all our activities.

Our carbon emissions have been estimated at 14,000 tons of CO2e, for 2021.


Our mission is to reduce our environmental impact.
With the help of our employees and partners, we have drawn up a program of improvements to control and reduce our carbon emissions.

Here are the 6 main topics:

> Improving the carbon footprint of our products
We need to find alternative raw materials and optimize our consumptions, …

> Using and caring for our high visibility PPE correctly
The life of our garments depends on how well they are used. The way in which wearers look after their garments is also very important in reducing electricity consumption for each wash.

> Taking action on freight
We need to choose more suitable, less polluting means of transport and give preference to domestic and near-import purchases.

> Studying and optimizing journeys by our employees

> Reducing our energy consumption
We are going to avoid energy loss through our equipment/structures and move towards renewable technologies.

> Direct waste
Our aim is to reduce and limit the use of plastic and cardboard bags by opting for reuse, etc.

Responsibilities are clearly defined within the different processes.


TO REDUCE OUR IMPACT BY 20% BY 2030, across our activities and on a constant scope basis compared with the reference year 2021.


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