Always active in reducing waste

Reducing our energy consumption

Our objective is reduce our energy consumption in our tertiary sector (offices and storage areas) by at
least – 40% by 2030.

We have carried out an energy audit via EDEL (Sustainable Energy in Loire Enterprises) in 2022.

This expertise and advice on controlling our energy consumption (gas and electricity) has enabled us to target areas for improvement within our organisation (equipment, working methods, analyses,

Ecological good citizen actions

T2S regularly reminds all its employees of the GREEN ATTITUDE to be adopted on a daily basis (summary flyer, internal posters and memos).

We are delighted with everyone’s active participation in waste sorting and recycling, and in the sensible use of
consumables and natural resources.

Controlling our waste and recycling

CIW, HIW, aerosols, wood, plastic sheaths, WEEE, cardboard, plastic bottles, used writing implements, printer cartridges and toners… are sorted on site, isolated and transferred to qualified service providers.

34 kg

of used writing instruments were collected
and donated to a charity in 2022.

1,577 kg

of paper

72 kg

of plastic bottles

A second life for our paperboard

T2S always gives its paper, cardboard and plastic packaging a second life, reusing these items wherever possible. Any surplus is recycled and reused by specialist organisations.

We optimise our printing on just the right amount of paper in black and white, single-sided and double-sided, by default.

Réducing our plastic waste

We also recycle all our plastic bottles, which we entrust to the ELISE network, for the manufacture of recycled yarn.

Plastic corks are donated to « Le Père Noël du Lundi » association, to fund projects for children in hospital in the Loire department (42).

No more plastic caps to seal the packaging on our beaconing kits.
Development and use of new sturdy cardboard seals, crimped with gummed adhesive tape.


per month

Eco-responsible coffee breaks

From 2020, single-use plastic cups became a thing of the
A personalised T2S mug has been given to each employee.

30,000 cups saved, at least, every year

Digitalising our practices

We are continuing to digitise our processes and practices, thereby reducing our paper consumption.

Energy improvement program 2022-2024

T2S wants to go further in saving energy
Following our EDEL 2022 energy audit and analysis of our SCOPE 3 BILAN CARBONE®, we have drawn up an ENERGY improvement program 2022-2024 that includes numerous projects (heating, air conditioning, air compressors, boilers, lighting, solar protection, destratifiers, new instructions, etc.).

Finalising the replacement of our old interior lighting in our storage areas with LED lighting.