Preventing and controling pollution

Soil and water pollution

T2S is equipped with effective prevention and intervention tools against the major risk of fire and the risk of accidental chemical spills on our site. Our employees are trained.

Our screen printing and digital workshops have held the IMPRIM’VERT® accreditation since 2014.

Fire evacuation and spill drills are carried out regularly to ensure that our employees are familiar with and fully understand the instructions.

Air pollution

Our sales force is equipped with EURO6 vehicles and trained in eco-driving.

We communicate with, and encourage all our employees to give priority to car-pooling between colleagues, to take public transport to get to work, or to business meetings, trade fairs, seminars, etc.

Sound and olfactory pollution

Noise measurements were carried out at our site by an accredited independent body.

No significant nuisance was recorded.

No specific odours were detected on our site.

Visual pollution

T2S insists on « 0 waste on the ground » throughout its site (exterior and interior).